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Bissone Harp Competition & Festival 



Bissone Harp Competition & Festival was created to give greater visibility and support to the world of the harp to adapt our territory to the many wonderful harpist events around the world.

The harp world in Ticino is very active and more than 200 people, including children, teenagers and adults, play this instrument.

The municipality of Bissone will host the "Bissone Harp Competition & Festival" which will see a biennial edition for the competition and an annual edition of the festival. The 2022 festival will open the concerts that in 2023 will be held monthly and will reach their peak with the "Bissone Harp Festival" 2023! Eleonora Ligabó, Director of Harp Center, will be the artistic director of these events.



B Harp is the association born in 2022 to unite harp teachers and harpists from Italian-speaking Switzerland and the national territory with the aim of promoting activities, competitions, workshops, masterclasses and courses in the Ticino area.

The harp is experiencing a very flourishing moment internationally and our association, in collaboration with Eleonora Ligabò's Harp Center, intends to finally bring the activities and opportunities listed above to Ticino as well.

The world of the harp in Italian-speaking Switzerland was already quite active before the lockdown also thanks to the Harp Center which has often promoted small festivals, workshops, masterclasses and artistic campuses. In 2022 we would like to resume with impetus what was stopped by the pandemic situation and re-propose our harp festival, on an annual basis, this time embellished by a musical competition with an international profile: the Bissone Harp Contest.

From 2022 we would like to resume on a larger scale what we had to stop by returning to re-proposing the Festival, which took place annually, monthly concerts and a big news, an international event: Bissone Harp Contest.

The Bissone Harp Contest will be a high quality event capable of attracting artists of the highest caliber and harpists of numerous nationalities to Ticino.

Together with the competition, the festival will be organized which will continue in 2022 with a review of concerts on a monthly basis throughout the year.

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