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How to clean and sanitize your harp
Many of you have asked how to sanitize your harp right now.
The trick is to be careful with the acohol contained in disinfectants because these can damage the paint and lacquer.
A good liquid antiseptic with a reduced alcohol content, diluted according to the instructions, can be used.
To clean the strings the best thing is to use an alcohol-free antiseptic because of the thin lacquer that covers the strings (the one to disinfect the wounds of children is very good). Once this is done you can go over the strings with a soft cloth. We at Harp Center have also tried the common hand sanitizers currently on the market and the ready-made antibacterial cleaning wipes found in supermarkets. We have not seen significant changes in the ropes, nor wear other than what normally happens.
It is always best to do a small test on a string before proceeding on all the harp strings.
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