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Harp Luxury Events 

Harp Luxury Events 


My name is Eleonora Ligabò and I have been a harpist for events for more than 25 years and I love that each event is as the bride and groom or the event organiser has always dreamed it would be. 

From the most important day of your life to your private event, my job is to take care of the music.

Through my training as Music Planner and an exclusive harp, I will accompany your event in all its uniqueness.

I am the only harpist who gives her clients a choice between two exclusive classical harps, Big Blue and Clio Black, and two lever harps, Melusine de Concerto and Luna blu. 

Big Blue 47, in blue and gold, is the most exclusive harp in the world, built in a limited series of 5. It is the only harp of its kind in Switzerland.

Clio Black 44, is a harp of extreme elegance.   

Melusine de Concert made of precious spruce wood.

Luna Blu was built especially for me. 


Harp Luxury Events designs a special event for you that should be accompanied with refinement and elegance. 


Personalised advice and quotations

Choice of the most suitable music for the event

Advice on amplification


To ensure you always receive the highest level of service, my focus is on an emotionally charged project that takes you on a journey to experience the event through an experience that embodies your dreams, your ideas, your desires.


Why choose me?


Because I am curious and creative and because I am experienced and competent. My experience in hundreds of extraordinary events makes me the ideal person for uniqueness. Each Harp Luxury Event is the result of accuracy and the utmost attention to detail. 




You can choose from solo harp (Celtic or classical), harp and vocal duo, harp duo-trio-quartet, harp and violin duo, harp and cello duo, harp and saxophone duo, harp and string quartet, harp and organ, and much more. 


I will be able to fulfil all your requests and give you the best advice 

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