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Tailor-made programs for all needs  

 Introduction Program Solfeggio lessons  

All music lessons also include solfeggio, a basic subject for the study of a musical instrument. The approach to solfeggio is gradual and for children it is in the form of a game.

For those wishing to deepen their studies and take the Swiss SSPM theory exams, they can enroll with a qualified teacher for a weekly lesson. Harp Center is the headquarters of the Italian language SSPM for the teaching of solfeggio.

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 Basic Program  Harp preparatory lessons  

Preparation with the harp is a course aimed at children aged three to five. During the lesson various musical themes are addressed through the game and a first approach to the instrument and musical reading is initiated.

arpa celtica
Celtic harp

It is a course aimed at children from six years and adults. It is suitable for beginners and advanced, amateurs and professionals who want to learn more about harp techniques. For those wishing there is the possibility of taking the SSPM exams annually.

Classical Harp

The classical harp course is aimed at those who wish to continue the study of the harp in an amateur or professional way. It is also possible to start the study with the classical harp. For those wishing there is the possibility to take the SSPM exams up to the Professional level.

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